Stamping Process

Stamping stations help to produce mass quantities of finished products. Stamping can form metal made out of sheets containing steel, aluminum, zinc, nickel, titanium, and brass. The four different types of stamping that can be completed on sheet metal are electric metal stamping, fourslide metal stamping, progressive metal die stamping, and short run metal stamping.

Stamping Process

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Stamping is a forming process performed on sheet metal by a series of stamping stations used to produce mass quantities of finished products. The stamping process is the forming of metal made out of sheets containing Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Nickel, Titanium, and Brass.

The sheet metal is formed into preset shapes in a stamping press. The tool and die is the component of the press that forms parts when the sheet metal is inserted. The shaping of parts is completed by the tool and die component called the punch. The punch pushes the sheet metal through the cavity of the die, creating the shape desired.

There are 4 different types of stamping that can be completed on sheet metal.

  1. Electric Metal Stamping- This is when electric components are used to stamp metal.
  2. Fourslide Metal Stamping- Intricate stamps are produced from stripes and wires by fourslides. The slide tools go into metal blanks from 4 directions at 90 degrees.
  3. Progressive Metal Die Stamping- This type uses several workstations in which the metal moves from station to station to complete the stamping process.
  4. Short Run Metal Stamping- This is the most involved and expensive type, but produces from 5-10,000 stamped pieces.

All types of stamping can be characterized by the following:

  • Multiple forming operations are used at once
  • Small pieces are mass produced at a fast pace
  • Time and money are saved by combining operations
  • Small parts are produce accurately

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