Standard vs. Customized End-of-Arm Tooling

Jul 21, 2015

When you are integrating a robotic system onto your production line, it is important to choose the correct end-of-arm-tooling for your process. The perfect EOAT can help keep your production line running smoothly and quickly, bringing optimal speed, accuracy, and ultimately ROI. You can choose between a standard EOAT or get a custom EOAT built to specifically meet your needs.


Choos­ing the right end-of-arm tool­ing is a crit­i­cal part of plan­ning an indus­tri­al robot­ic sys­tem pur­chase for your com­pa­ny. If the EOAT is not per­fect for your prod­ucts, it could cause prob­lems dur­ing pro­duc­tion or slow down pro­duc­tion, which means your robot will not be work­ing at opti­mal speed and accu­ra­cy. The big ques­tion remains – Is a stan­dard or cus­tom EOAT bet­ter for your system?


Stan­dard end effec­tors are EOAT that are mass pro­duced and can eas­i­ly be ordered by your robot­ics inte­gra­tor. Robots​.com works with sev­er­al dif­fer­ent sup­pli­ers to ensure that cus­tomers get the best stan­dard EOAT avail­able. The advan­tages of a stan­dard EOAT is that is can be eas­i­ly accessed and will not length­en the build time for your robot. The dis­ad­van­tage of a stan­dard EOAT is that it is designed to fit a num­ber of prod­ucts, and may not be per­fect for your spe­cif­ic needs. 


On the oth­er side of the argu­ment is the cus­tom EOAT. A cus­tomized EOAT can be designed to fit your spe­cif­ic prod­uct (or prod­ucts), which may give you bet­ter func­tion­al­i­ty dur­ing pro­duc­tion – a great advan­tage for your pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. Cus­tom EOAT may be nec­es­sary in some cas­es, espe­cial­ly if your prod­uct is a unique shape or mate­r­i­al. How­ev­er, a dis­ad­van­tage of a cus­tom end effec­tor is that it may add to your robot­ic sys­tem build time. Robots​.com con­tracts with com­pa­nies to build cus­tom end effec­tors, and even builds some EOAT in-house. 

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Over­all, it depends on what best fits your needs – both stan­dard and cus­tom EOAT have advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. How­ev­er, if you need help weigh­ing the pros and cons, you can call the engi­neers here at Robots​.com. They have over 35 years of expe­ri­ence and take you through the design and build process, help­ing you choose each part of your sys­tem, ulti­mate­ly select­ing the per­fect end effec­tor for your needs! 

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