Standard vs. Customized End-of-Arm Tooling

When you are integrating a robotic system onto your production line, it is important to choose the correct end-of-arm-tooling for your process. The perfect EOAT can help keep your production line running smoothly and quickly, bringing optimal speed, accuracy, and ultimately ROI. You can choose between a standard EOAT or get a custom EOAT built to specifically meet your needs.

Standard vs. Customized End-of-Arm Tooling


Choosing the right end-of-arm tooling is a critical part of planning an industrial robotic system purchase for your company. If the EOAT is not perfect for your products, it could cause problems during production or slow down production, which means your robot will not be working at optimal speed and accuracy. The big question remains – Is a standard or custom EOAT better for your system?


Standard end effectors are EOAT that are mass produced and can easily be ordered by your robotics integrator. RobotWorx, a certified integrator of new and reconditioned systems, works with several different suppliers to ensure that customers get the best standard EOAT available. The advantages of a standard EOAT is that is can be easily accessed and will not lengthen the build time for your robot. The disadvantage of a standard EOAT is that it is designed to fit a number of products, and may not be perfect for your specific needs.


On the other side of the argument is the custom EOAT. A customized EOAT can be designed to fit your specific product (or products), which may give you better functionality during production – a great advantage for your productivity. Custom EOAT may be necessary in some cases, especially if your product is a unique shape or material. However, a disadvantage of a custom end effector is that it may add to your robotic system build time. RobotWorx contracts with companies to build custom end effectors, and even builds some EOAT in-house.

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Overall, it depends on what best fits your needs – both standard and custom EOAT have advantages and disadvantages. However, if you need help weighing the pros and cons, you can call the engineers here at RobotWorx. They have over 25 years of experience and take you through the design and build process, helping you choose each part of your system, ultimately selecting the perfect end effector for your needs!

For more information, contact RobotWorx experts online or give them a call at 740-251-4312.

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