Steel and Cardboard in LaPorte, IN

Found in LaPorte, IN, Enprotech Steel Services, is using industrial robots to provide engineering, manufacturing, and consumables to the steel industry. Automating this type of production line can help bring enhanced speeds and precision to the steel cutting process, while also improving the final product.

Steel and Cardboard in LaPorte, IN


When you talk about steel and cardboard, you are comparing two very different materials. One can be strong, and yet falls apart in rain, while the other can stand for years and die by corrosion. However, both of these materials are being made in the same town of LaPorte, Indiana, and both of these materials can use the help of industrial robots to get them on their way to the consumer.

Enprotech Steel Services, a company in LaPorte, IN, specializes in providing services like engineering, manufacturing and consumables to the steel industry. When a company like Enprotech takes on a steel manufacturing job, robots can assist in the welding processes, along with steel cutting processes that might be needed when manufacturing a part. By using steel welding robots for these applications, companies like Enprotech can cut down on labor costs, as well as production costs, while improving the product and the speed at which it gets to the customer.

On the other side of the spectrum, companies like Packaging Logic, Inc. can use robots for their processes as well. While corrugated cardboard boxes don’t need to be welded, the cardboard does need to be cut, packaged, and palletized onto structures for shipping purposes. Once again, when companies introduce robots into their production line, these jobs can be completed quickly, and with less worker error than before. That improves the reliability of the line, as well as the reputation of the company to its customers.

Companies in LaPorte, IN can call RobotWorx for all their industrial robotic needs. Whether it is a cutting, welding, packaging or palletizing robot, RobotWorx – a certified integrator for ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Universal Robots, and KUKA – has the right robotic system or part for your facility.

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