Table Top Robots Solve Floor Space Issues

To help save work space, you may want to consider a table top robot. Table top robots can perform a variety of application all the while providing a reduced footprint and weight.

Table Top Robots Solve Floor Space Issues


When you have a smaller project or limited floor space, a table top robot is the way to go.

With the ability to perform the same variety of applications as most other industrial robots, the reduced footprint and weight allows the robot to be attached to a table top.

There two main kinds of table top robotics, gated and cantilever. Gated robots attach to a support structure with two legs allowing the product to slide through the gate and be worked on. A cantilever table top robot attaches to a support structure with only one leg, allowing more work space and maneuvering of the product around the robot arm.

RobotWorx offers table top robot arms that are similar to the larger robust industrial robots, only in a smaller and lighter package. One of the most popular is the Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robot. It is a six axis robot that can perform a large variety of applications, such as assembly, milling, foundry and material handling, just like the other LR mate models. A similar type of table top robot that Robotworx offers is the Motoman HP3.

A newer table top robot that is the Fanuc MiA robot series. It is perfect for material handling, part transfer, order picking, and packaging in small work areas. It is a 3 axis wrist maneuvers with incredible speed. These “spider” robots can include vision sensors and collision equipment.

If you have are interested in any type of table top robot, no matter what the application is, contact RobotWorx to discuss your robotic needs.