The ABB IRB 6700 Robot

The ABB IRB 6700 robot is bringing companies across the globe great strength, lower maintenance costs, and increased application speeds. This large robot is a 7th generation model from ABB and comes with major improvements and innovations when compared to previous models. The IRB 6700 is one of the highest performing robots in its class, bringing increased productivity across the board.

The ABB IRB 6700 Robot


If you are looking for a tough robot, look no further than the ABB IRB 6700 robot. This 7th generation large robot from ABB Robotics has many improvements and innovations taken right from suggestions from ABB’s customers. The IRB 6700 is stronger than previous models and it has a simplified maintenance routine that lowers the cost for the manufacturer over the life of the unit.

According to ABB, the IRB 6700 robot is actually the highest performing robot in its class, but it also has the lowest cost of ownership, because of the simplified maintenance schedule, a series of increased service intervals and decreased service times. Not only does this lower the cost of the unit, but it also means that the uptime for the 6700’s production time in increased, because maintenance does not take an extended amount of time.

Along with the ABB 6700 robot being more cost effective, manufacturers will gain several other benefits when investing in this large robot. Companies will see an increase in their application speed – as much as 5 percent – while the robot consumes up to 15 percent less power, which is another savings for the company. The ABB IRB 6700 has increased accuracy as well, and it is built to operate in harsh foundry environments, which protects your workers.

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