The Benefits of a FANUC Plasma Cutter over a Flat Bed Cutter

Automating your production line with a FANUC plasma cutting robot will bring greater precision and consistency to your manufacturing job. FANUC plasma cutting robots have amazing flexibility with their six degrees of freedom and the ability to perform beveling applications. Furthermore, you can integrate vision recognition software to help improve accuracy and an easier programming solution for the workers.

The Benefits of a FANUC Plasma Cutter over a Flat Bed Cutter


Cutting applications are becoming automated regularly these days. While some companies choose a flatbed cutter for their cutting applications, others are starting to see the benefits of using six-axis robots for this process. Plasma cutting, which is a cutting process that cuts through metal using a jet of hot plasma, is one of the areas where a six-axis robot, like those made by FANUC Robotics, comes in handy and has many benefits over a flatbed cutting machine.

One of the biggest benefits that a FANUC plasma cutting robot has over a flatbed cutting machine is its flexibility. A FANUC plasma cutting robotic system has six degrees of freedom because of its six axes, while a flatbed cutter is fixed functionally and cannot move its plasma torch from one point to another in a designated area. The FANUC robotic plasma cutter also has the ability to perform beveling applications, something that requires special equipment with a flatbed unit.

When it comes to precision, the flatbed cutter is no match for a FANUC robotic plasma cutting system. FANUC robots have the ability to load and unload parts, “see” parts through vision recognition software, and they even have point to point teaching functions, which allow programmers to fine tune and adjust the cutting path as necessary, according to FANUC. These robots also have control over the plasma they use, with the ability to control the start, location, and height of the plasma coming out of the torch. A flatbed cutting machine needs special hardware to have these abilities.

Between all of these advantages, along with the ability to perform higher throughput with multiple tables and no changeover wait, the FANUC plasma cutter is the obvious winner over flatbed cutting machinery when it comes to saving time, equipment, and money.

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