The benefits of a rotary positioner


Investing in a robotic work cell is one of the most efficient ways to integrate robotics into your production line. Most work cells are composed of a robot, a controller, a power supply, end of arm tooling, a safety package and some sort of positioner. Many companies choose a rotary positioner for their work cell because of the way it expands the workspace of the robot.

A rotary positioner is a positioner that rotates a part in and out of a robot’s workspace. In many cases, a human worker or a robot will load a part onto the rotary positioner, and then it will rotate the part into the robot’s workspace, where it is welded, material is removed, or some other robotic application is performed. Then, when that application is complete, the positioner rotates the work piece back out of the robot’s work space. This keeps workers away from the robot during operation, which enhances the level of safety in the shop.

Many companies choose something like a rotary positioner for their work cells because they are able to handle two parts at once. When one part is positioned onto the rotary, it is rotated into the workspace, and another part can be loaded onto the other side. Then, when the first part is finished and rotated out, the next piece is rotated in. It gets the work done twice as fast, which saves time and money for the manufacturer.

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