The Benefits of Motoman Spot Welding Robots

Spot welding requires a clamp and a weld, making it a very tedious welding process. If your production line is looking for a solution that provides faster spot welding and incredible quality, consider automating with a Motoman spot welding robot.

The Benefits of Motoman Spot Welding Robots

Motoman spot welding robots

Spot welding can be one of the most tedious forms of manual welding on the market today. Instead of one steady line, each spot must be clamped and welded. Motoman Robotics has several spot welding robot models that take the tedium out of the manual spot welding process for workers.

One of the biggest benefits of robotic spot welding by Motoman, at least for workers, is that the robot does all the heavy lifting. Manual spot welding guns tend to be heavy and awkward. With the robot carrying the hefty welding gun, the human welder is left free to program and operate the robot during the application.

Another benefit that the Motoman robot spot welder provides is the ability to accurately spot weld leaps and bounds ahead of a manual spot welding system. Because of the tedious nature of spot welding, human workers have to weld, lift their protective hood, check the positioning, lower their hood and weld again. This has to be done after every single weld spot. For a Motoman spot welder, there is no reason to stop. There isn’t any deviation from their work path, an error that can happen regularly for a manual welder. Because of this, a spot welding robot from Motoman is also the faster spot welding option for manufacturers.

All in all, spot welding is a tedious and sometimes injury-inducing application, due to the weight of the equipment needed for the job. A robotic spot welder from Motoman can outperform manual welding, both in speed and precision. This produces a stronger, higher quality weld and a better overall product.

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