The Benefits of TOP TIG Welding

TOP-TIG welding is a user friendly, advanced innovation (a branch of TIG welding) that uses new technology to deliver the highest possible energy with the lowest possible heat. TOP TIG welding brings faster speeds and optimal quality welds. If you are interested in automating your production line with TOP TIG welding, contact RobotWorx experts today.

The Benefits of TOP TIG Welding

TIP TIG Welding robot

TOP-TIG welding is a new advanced innovation of the common TIG welding. This process uses new, patent-pending technology, that delivers the highest possible weld energy with the lowest possible weld heat, all while still being user-friendly.

While TIG welding is one of the most accurate robotic welding processes on the market today, there is always room for innovation. Traditional TIG welding is slower than MIG and other forms of welding, which could cause companies to choose a different welding application. TOP TIG welding boasts several advantages over the tradition form of TIG welding, including these sought after, faster speeds. Overall, TOP TIG is able to provide optimum code quality welds and the solution to resolve the majority of ally weld issues occurring with TIG and MIG.

What is TiPTiG welding?

TOP TIG new welding function is a hot wire process that can tackle a job in every industry as it simple to use, simple to learn, and simple to teach. This original process is unique to ABB and has a higher travel speed, lower heat input, reduced cycle time, and an overall better quality welding advantage. The TOP TIG welding work cell from ABB is an outfitted cell complete with a robot, power supply, and positioner.

The TOP TIG process merges Robo-TOP TIG torch technology and a fully integrated robotic interface. This creates a solution that produces the highest deposition rates for any TIG process currently available. Delivering high deposition rates with low heat input values allows a consistent delivery of metallurgical results on all alloys.

The TIG weld receptivity for higher weld deposition rates is done by decreasing the speeds for the weld solidification process and increasing the fluid weld area. This allows for a 100%-400% increase in TIG wire feed rates, increasing the overall weld current. All of these attributes (faster speeds and higher than normal weld energy) increase the resulting TIG weld quality and overall process productivity.

The process is also slag free and uses the lowest possible heat input of any welding process, producing a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), all of which help to reduce distortion and weld stress. Additionally, it has increased corrosion property retention on all corrosion resistant alloys. It significantly reduces weld defects, saving companies a lot of time and money, and has flexible system configurations based on specific welding needs.

It not only produces some of the highest quality products with the best metallurgical and mechanical properties on all alloys, but also increases production up to four times the normal speed. There is also no inter pass cleaning, creating availability for an increased Arc on time and weld quality.

How it Works:

A TOP TIG welding system uses a wire fed GTAW system just like a typical TIG system, but is distinctive for the vibratory effect it adds. This vibratory effect is fashioned by a linear forward and backward mechanical motion created by the custom wire feeder system. The forward and backward motion of the filler wire creates an oscillation that is then transferred to the weld, agitating the molten weld pool and ultimately disrupting the surface tension. Additionally, there is a hotwire current applied to the filler metal, that is powered by a secondary power source.

In addition to this vibratory effect on the wire, a hotwire current (powered by a secondary power source) is also applied to the filler metal, prior to entering the weld puddle.

Benefits of the TOP TIG welding process:

  • Increased fluidity of the weld pool
  • Greater tolerance to joint fit-up
  • Significantly reduced joint sensitivity
  • Greater ability to accept more wire into the weld pool, result in a higher deposition
  • 4-6 times increased travel times
  • Reduced cycle time and heat input
  • Cleaner welds with agitated weld pool
  • Reduced weld stress with the reduced heat input
  • Ethernet Interface enabling full control over welding parameters for optimum weld quality
  • TOP TIG decreases the hexavalent chrome weld fume emissions, making them pretty much “undetectable.”

TOP TIG USA surveyed some of the top engineering companies in North America to provide feedback on the value of TiPTiG welding. The results showed >250% increase in the average wire feed length deposited each minute.

Robo-TOP TIG Package from ABB:

The Robo-TOP TIG Package includes: a generic Base TIG welding power source, designed so the process adapts to a variety of welding power sources; High frequency oscillation wire feed unit; Hot wire transformer; Ethernet control interface; Application specific user interface – HMI; Robotic arm dress pack; Welding torch and hot filler wire feed; and Software (Robotware Arc) for Robo-TOP TIG

Approved Alloys:

TOP TIG welding can work on a wide range of alloys such as carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, inconel, titanium, aluminum, copper, nickel, and many others.

Contact RobotWorx to Learn More

A user-friendly robotic interface may be one of the unsung heroes of successful robotic welding systems. TOP TIG Welding is a unique system that offers an incredible, top quality product and the highest deposition rates with the lowest possible heat input values.

As you have seen, the TOP TIG welding robotic process addresses it by integrating an interface into the cell that is easy to use and learn, something that has not always been true during tradition TIG welding applications. The TOP TIG welding application also brings a variety of other benefits to the revolutionary process, such as the aforementioned higher travel speeds, lower heat inputs, and overall, better quality welds.

It is quickly becoming the most effective robotic welding function package available.

If you are interested in learning more about a TOP TIG welding system then you should call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for ABB Robotics. Our staff will work with you to map out your integration needs and help you design, build and customize the perfect robotic system to fit your application, your facility and your budget. Contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312, to learn more.

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