The benefits of used manufacturing robots

Used foundry manufacturing robots are a more affordable option for those wishing to integrate one on their production line. Despite being reconditioned, these robots help to improve the productivity and safety levels on the manufacturing line.

The benefits of used manufacturing robots


Manufacturing robots have been in service for over three decades now –welding parts and handling and removing materials. These manufacturing robotics are beneficial in several different industries, including the automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics and consumer goods industries. However, there are some manufacturing robots that have uses outside of the typical uses. These robots are specially designed and coated to work in specific conditions.

Used foundry manufacturing robotic systems are engineered with special coatings and parts that are able to work well in high heat situations, while freezer manufacturing robots are able to work in areas that need to stay at very low temperatures. While these used robot manufacturing systems help to improve the productivity of their lines, they also act to improve the safety levels of the production lines by keeping human workers out of these harsh environments.

Another used manufacturing robotics group that may often get overlooked is the many different used cleanroom robots. These used robotic manufacturers are able to work in laboratories that require low levels of particles in the air. They are typically made to be dust-free and have special belts that do not release large amounts of particles during operation. Used cleanroom manufacturing robotic systems are also put to use in the electronics industry, especially when putting together motherboards or other small part manufacturing where hand contamination could cause issues with the parts.

Of course, as with all manufacturing robots, used models have the same overall benefits of speed and accuracy, which are important when trying to improve the accuracy of any production line. But, used manufacturing robots can do it for half the price of newer models.

RobotWorx provides robots from several different companies, including Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, Universal Robots, and ABB, have several hundred used manufacturing robot models available for customization and purchase. Our staff will work with you to find you the right used robot and system for your budget and facility.

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