The complexities of the Fanuc M6iB

Oct 5, 2013

​​The many parts of the Fanuc M6iB robot help to make it the perfect selection for your material handling application. The motors, speed reducers, cables, and other parts all work together to keep the Fanuc M6iB working smoothly 24/7.

Like oth­er mate­r­i­al han­dling robots, while the move­ments of the Fanuc M6iB may seem very sim­ple, the inter­nal work­ings of the machine are actu­al­ly very com­plex. With­out the motors, the speed reduc­ers and the cables, this robot wouldn’t be pick­ing things up and putting them down day after day in man­u­fac­tur­ing plants across the country.

Fanuc M-6iB industrial robot

While many AC motors work sim­i­lar­ly, the ser­vo motors on the M‑6iB are fit­ted with an ampli­fi­er that not only allows the motor to send out sig­nals to the robot, but also allows it to retrieve feed­back from oth­er parts of the robot. The motors, part num­bers A06B-0223-B005, A06B-0223-B605, A06B-0202-B605, A06B-0202-B005, A06B-0115-B075#0008 and A06B-0114-B075#0008, are locat­ed on every axis on the M 6 iB.

The speed reduc­ers of the M6-iB from Fanuc, part num­bers A97L-0218 – 0288#33, A97L-0218 – 0289#153, A97L-0218 – 0295#161 and A97L-0218 – 0224, slow down the out­put from the robot’s motors, help­ing the entire sys­tem to run more fluidly.

So, what pow­ers the speed reduc­ers, the motors and every oth­er part of the M‑6 iB robot? The pow­er and pulse coder cables, of course! These cables, part num­bers A05B-1215-D005 and A660-4004-T116, con­trol all the pow­er and pro­gram­ming that goes to and from the Fanuc M‑6iB robot. With­out these cables, the robot would not be able to con­nect to the con­troller, and there­fore would not be able to learn its job, demon­strat­ing the immense impor­tance of these cables.

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