The complexities of the Fanuc M6iB

​​The many parts of the Fanuc M6iB robot help to make it the perfect selection for your material handling application. The motors, speed reducers, cables, and other parts all work together to keep the Fanuc M6iB working smoothly 24/7.

The complexities of the Fanuc M6iB

Like other material handling robots, while the movements of the Fanuc M6iB may seem very simple, the internal workings of the machine are actually very complex. Without the motors, the speed reducers and the cables, this robot wouldn’t be picking things up and putting them down day after day in manufacturing plants across the country.

Fanuc M-6iB industrial robot

While many AC motors work similarly, the servo motors on the M-6iB are fitted with an amplifier that not only allows the motor to send out signals to the robot, but also allows it to retrieve feedback from other parts of the robot. The motors, part numbers A06B-0223-B005, A06B-0223-B605, A06B-0202-B605, A06B-0202-B005, A06B-0115-B075#0008 and A06B-0114-B075#0008, are located on every axis on the M 6 iB.

The speed reducers of the M6-iB from Fanuc, part numbers A97L-0218-0288#33, A97L-0218-0289#153, A97L-0218-0295#161 and A97L-0218-0224, slow down the output from the robot’s motors, helping the entire system to run more fluidly.

So, what powers the speed reducers, the motors and every other part of the M-6 iB robot? The power and pulse coder cables, of course! These cables, part numbers A05B-1215-D005 and A660-4004-T116, control all the power and programming that goes to and from the Fanuc M-6iB robot. Without these cables, the robot would not be able to connect to the controller, and therefore would not be able to learn its job, demonstrating the immense importance of these cables.

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