The complexity of the Motoman SK16

Motoman's SK16 has the complexity necessary to get jobs done right on the production line. With complexity comes great responsibility. It is important to keep all of your parts maintained properly and if necessary, replaced.

The complexity of the Motoman SK16


Introduced in 1994, the Motoman SK16 robot was ahead of its time. It had increased performance like had never been seen in a Motoman robot before. So, what made that increase in performance possible, you ask? That’s simple – the parts that make up the SK-16, like the speed reducers, the ac servomotors, the wrist unit and the internal wiring.

The speed reducers on the S, L, U and R axes, part numbers HW9280631-A, HW9280614-A and HW9370855-A, work to help the robot move more efficiently. The speed reducers decrease the output from the motors while increasing the torque, which helps the robot to work in a more fluid motion.

The servo motors for the SK 16, part numbers HW9380768-A, HW9380635-A and HW9380837-A, are located on the S, L, U and R axes as well, and work in conjunction with the speed reducers to improve the functionality of the system overall. Without the servomotors, the robots would not be able to move.

While servomotors and the speed reducers are involved in moving the entire robotic arm, the wrist unit, part number HW9171193-A, is only concerned with the end effector and the part of the robot that manipulates the work pieces on a production line.

Finally, the robot is run by internal wiring, part numbers HW9170901-A and HW9370774-A, that supplies power and information to the SK-16 robot by connecting it to the robotic controller and the power supply for the system.

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