The Engleberger Robotics Award

RobotWorx like staying involved with the community as it helps to educate everyone about industrial robots and discover their benefits. This was seen with the Engleberger robotics award that was given to help engage companies, students, and others in the robotic industry.

The Engleberger Robotics Award


“Contributing to the advancement of the science of robotics in the service of mankind.” This is the inscription on the medallion bestowed to the winners of The Engelberger Robotics Award each year. This prestigious award is named after Joseph F. Engelberger, the founding force behind industrial robotics. He was the founder and president of Unimation, Inc., the world’s first industrial robot manufacturer.

The Engelberger Robotics Award is the world’s most prestigious robotics honor. The awards are presented to deserving recipients who have demonstrated excellence in technology development, application, education, and leadership in the robotics industry. Each winner receives $5000 along with the medallion.

The awards commenced in 1977, and have been presented to 116 robotics leaders from 17 different nations. The USA leads the number of recipients with 59 medals.

An award committee consisting of the past presidents of the Robotic Industries Association reviews the nominees and chooses the award recipients. They are presented with their award at the International Symposium on Robotics.

In 2006, Kevin Ostby, vice president of Regional Operations for North and South America for Fanuc Robotics, was awarded the Engelberger Robotics Award. Ostby was responsible for the significant expansion of Fanuc into a variety of markets, including food and beverage, plastics, and consumer goods.

In 2005, Craig Jennings, the president and COO of Motoman, Inc., was awarded the Engelberger Robotics Award. He is credited with building Motoman into an industrial robot powerhouse. He moved Motoman into applications in medical robots. Further, he saved the industrial robot industry millions of dollars by organizing an industry effort to reverse improper tariffs levied on robots.

RobotWorx ties in to many robotic awards throughout the nation. We are proud supporters of encouraging companies, students, and others to engage in robotics to improve the industry.

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