The Fanuc M-430iA/2f Offers High Speed Picking and Packing

The Fanuc M-430iA/2F robot provides users with a high speed picking and packing robot. It brings an IP67 design and is USDA certified for handling packaged and unpackaged food. The M-430iA/2F offers a wide range of mounting options, slim arm, and compact footprint.

The Fanuc M-430iA/2f Offers High Speed Picking and Packing

If you are in search of an automated solution for your picking and/or packing application, look no further than the high-speed Fanuc M-430iA/2F. It offers five-axes that are articulated and electric servo-driven, a 2 kg payload, and great flexibility in mounting, including floor, wall, and invert configurations.

The compact construction and slim arm maximize flexibility for tight workspaces and decrease the footprint. It maintains the best speed in class at higher payloads (100 cycles/minute at 2 kg) and best-in-class wrist moment specifications.

The M-430iA/2F can complete 120 cycles/minute at 1 kg or 100 cycles per minute at 2 kg. It offers a wide work envelope of 1130 mm reach and 0.5 mm repeatability. For simpler integration for users, there is a dedicated pneumatic and electrical connection at the wrist.

Fanuc M-430iA/2f food-grade robot

The M-430iA/2F is truly a revolutionary design that meets the needs of the food industry as it was manufactured with food-grade grease, IP67 certification, and USDA-certifiable parts.

Furthermore, the Fanuc M-430iA/2F has a hollow arm to avoid airline and electric cable exposure while the clean design is resistant to bacteria growth and rust. The smooth surface finish creates a zero-food particle retention area. This makes it the perfect option for secondary (packaged) food handling and even primary (unpackaged) food handling; this includes food, beverages, candy/sweets, medical supplies, cosmetics, household products, office supplies, and other consumer products.

Daily washdown operations are not an issue as the M-430iA has the ability to withstand acidic and alkaline food industry cleaners.

The Fanuc M-430ia/2F is supported by the intelligent robot control system and can work with Fanuc’s high-speed visual tracking. If necessary, the intelligent robot controller adds iRVision capability as an option for Visual Line Tracking. This offers an integrated vision-based solution for quick location of randomly-oriented product on a picking or packing moving operation line.

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