The Fanuc M-710iB Series

Nov 20, 2017

The Fanuc M-710iB robot series offers a wide range of electric servo-driven robots with a wide work envelope and minimal floor space requirements. The M-710iB series can also be mounted in a variety of ways such as floor, inverted ,wall, shelf, or angle. The robots in the M-710iB series also offers fail-safe brakes, an extremely rigig design, and the smallest Joint 2 interference zone in the industry. If a robot in the M-710iB series sticks out to you, contact experts today to begin your integration process.

When search­ing for the per­fect robot for a wide vari­ety of man­u­fac­tur­ing and sys­tem process­es, look no far­ther than the Fanuc M‑710iB series. The M‑710iB robots in this series are elec­tric ser­vo- dri­ven while also offer­ing a large work enve­lope with min­i­mal floor space require­ments. The ver­sa­tile instal­la­tion allows for a wide vari­ety of mount­ing such as floor, invert, wall, shelf and angle, all enabling unusu­al work-piece access. 

Fanuc M-710iB robot series

These robots offer a small foot­print and thin pro­file, fail-safe brakes on all axes, an extreme­ly rigid design, and the small­est Joint 2 inter­fer­ence zone in the indus­try. Check out the dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions with­in the M‑710iB robot series to accom­mo­date a vari­ety of needs.

  • The Fanuc M‑710iB/​45 fea­tures a 45 kg pay­load and 1,706 mm reach.
  • The Fanuc M‑710iB/​70 fea­tures a 70 kg pay­load and 1,893 mm reach.
  • The Fanuc M‑710iB/​45T and the Fanuc M‑710iB/​70T are over­head, rail-mount­ed robots that pro­vide pre­ci­sion and high speeds. They both com­bine the advan­tage of a lin­ear gantry (large, scale-able work enve­lope with lim­it­ed floor­space require­ments) and a Fanuc six-axis artic­u­lat­ed robot (dex­ter­i­ty, high reli­a­bil­i­ty, and maintainability). 

The design of these robots should very eas­i­ly adapt to exist­ing plant lay­outs while also reduc­ing instal­la­tion time and start-up expenses.

Robots​.com offers these robots as new or used mod­els if you are look­ing to cut costs even fur­ther. The used Fanuc M‑710iB series robots all go through a rig­or­ous recon­di­tion­ing process; pro­vid­ing a high-qual­i­ty refur­bished sys­tem. Our team of experts work hard to bring refur­bished robots back to like-new con­di­tion. For any new or refur­bished robot in this series con­tact us today; online or at 8777626881.

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