The Fanuc M20iA/35M Robot

Sep 23, 2014

The Fanuc M-20iA/35M robot is able to accomplish your tedious bin picking job with high speeds and accuracy. Easy to integrate and learn, the M-20iA/35M will bring increased productivity and speeds to your production line. Contact experts today to start your integration process.


Bin pick­ing is a tedious, dull job that was per­formed by human work­ers for years, until the bin pick­ing robot came along. Now Fanuc Robot­ics has pro­duced a line of robots, which includes the Fanuc M20iA/​35M, that are able to pick through bins with­out any prob­lem – speed­ing up the cycle times and work­ing with more accu­ra­cy than any human ever could.

What’s so great about a mod­el like the Fanuc M‑20iA/​35M? What makes it stand out? For starters, it is easy to inte­grate into a pro­duc­tion line and easy to learn. This means that you can have a bin pick­ing work­er trained on how to use this machine in just a few days, and the M 20iA/​35M can begin to improve your pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. Also, as men­tioned above, this robot has the accu­ra­cy and speed to improve your cycle times sev­er­al times over, while also reduc­ing the amount of work­er errors dur­ing the bin pick­ing process. This means that you are gain­ing speed with­out sac­ri­fic­ing quality.

Anoth­er great fea­ture of the M 20ia-35M is the semi-hol­low arm for the claw wiring. This semi-hol­low arm allows for easy main­te­nance to the claw wiring, while also pro­tect­ing that same wiring from any out­side ele­ments that could cause it to fray eas­i­er, which decreas­es the need for replace­ment parts and increas­es pro­duc­tion uptime.

Over­all, pur­chas­ing the M20iA/​35M from Fanuc is a win-win for your bin pick­ing application.

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