The Fanuc M20iA/35M Robot

The Fanuc M-20iA/35M robot is able to accomplish your tedious bin picking job with high speeds and accuracy. Easy to integrate and learn, the M-20iA/35M will bring increased productivity and speeds to your production line. Contact RobotWorx experts today to start your integration process.

The Fanuc M20iA/35M Robot


Bin picking is a tedious, dull job that was performed by human workers for years, until the bin picking robot came along. Now Fanuc Robotics has produced a line of robots, which includes the Fanuc M20iA/35M, that are able to pick through bins without any problem – speeding up the cycle times and working with more accuracy than any human ever could.

What’s so great about a model like the Fanuc M-20iA/35M? What makes it stand out? For starters, it is easy to integrate into a production line and easy to learn. This means that you can have a bin picking worker trained on how to use this machine in just a few days, and the M 20iA/35M can begin to improve your productivity. Also, as mentioned above, this robot has the accuracy and speed to improve your cycle times several times over, while also reducing the amount of worker errors during the bin picking process. This means that you are gaining speed without sacrificing quality.

Another great feature of the M 20ia-35M is the semi-hollow arm for the claw wiring. This semi-hollow arm allows for easy maintenance to the claw wiring, while also protecting that same wiring from any outside elements that could cause it to fray easier, which decreases the need for replacement parts and increases production uptime.

Overall, purchasing the M20iA/35M from Fanuc is a win-win for your bin picking application.

Are you interested in learning more about bin picking and the way the Fanuc M-20iA/35M can help you improve your bin picking application? If so, then you should contact RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Fanuc Robotics. Our staff is standing by to help you achieve all of your robotic integration goals.

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