The Fanuc RJ3 Teach Pendant

Sep 20, 2013

Fanuc is a leading innovator in the robotics industry and never fails to produce some great products, as seen with one of their very first controllers, the Fanuc RJ-3 teach pendant. The RJ3 has multi-function technology and many other features seen for the first time on teach pendants.


While there were teach pen­dants that came before it, the RJ3 teach pen­dant from Fanuc, a leader in robot­ics, was the first in a series that made seri­ous head­way in teach pen­dant tech­nol­o­gy for the company.

The Fanuc RJ3 teach pen­dant, part num­ber A05B-2301-C305, was one of the first teach pen­dants that was ergonom­i­cal­ly designed, mean­ing that it was designed to fit the work­er and pre­vent injury. In the past, teach pen­dants were heav­ier and had less light­ing. The RJ3 teach pen­dant was light­weight to avoid strain to the hands and arms, and it had a larg­er, back­lit screen to pre­vent eye strain.

How­ev­er, the ergonom­ic design was not the only draw to the A05B2301C305 RJ 3 teach pen­dant. The teach pen­dant soft­ware allowed for appli­ca­tion flex­i­bil­i­ty and the con­trol­ling of robot inter­face sig­nals inde­pen­dent­ly from the taught path.

The Fanuc RJ3 teach pen­dant had mul­ti-func­tion tech­nol­o­gy and many fea­tures nev­er seen before on a teach pen­dant, like those list­ed above. Though it was the first step, it was a step toward the future of Fanuc teach pendants.

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