The Fanuc RJ3 Teach Pendant

Fanuc is a leading innovator in the robotics industry and never fails to produce some great products, as seen with one of their very first controllers, the Fanuc RJ-3 teach pendant. The RJ3 has multi-function technology and many other features seen for the first time on teach pendants.

The Fanuc RJ3 Teach Pendant


While there were teach pendants that came before it, the RJ3 teach pendant from Fanuc, a leader in robotics, was the first in a series that made serious headway in teach pendant technology for the company.

The Fanuc RJ3 teach pendant, part number A05B-2301-C305, was one of the first teach pendants that was ergonomically designed, meaning that it was designed to fit the worker and prevent injury. In the past, teach pendants were heavier and had less lighting. The RJ-3 teach pendant was lightweight to avoid strain to the hands and arms, and it had a larger, backlit screen to prevent eye strain.

However, the ergonomic design was not the only draw to the A05B2301C305 RJ 3 teach pendant. The teach pendant software allowed for application flexibility and the controlling of robot interface signals independently from the taught path.

The Fanuc RJ-3 teach pendant had multi-function technology and many features never seen before on a teach pendant, like those listed above. Though it was the first step, it was a step toward the future of Fanuc teach pendants.

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