The Fanuc RJ3iB Teach Pendant

Sep 19, 2013

The Fanuc RJ3iB teach pendant was designed with ergonomics in mind. The RJ3IB is lightweight with an easy to read back-lit display to help more easily run processes. The RJ3iB can also multitask several programs at once for advanced networking capabilities.


The Fanuc RJ3iB was the sec­ond teach pen­dant in the pop­u­lar RJ3 series for Fanuc. While there were many func­tions that stayed the same, there were many that changed.

Like the teach pen­dant that came before it, the Fanuc RJ3-iB, part num­ber A05B-2301-C370, con­trolled up to 16 axes of motion from one pen­dant. It was also designed with ergonom­ics in mind. The RJ3IB, much like its pre­de­ces­sor, had a light­weight design with a larg­er, easy to read back­lit dis­play. While the RJ3 could only move up to three aux­il­iary motion groups, the RJ3iB could move up to five, a step toward more axes to control.

The RJ3-iB also had mul­ti-task­ing capa­bil­i­ties so that it could exe­cute sev­er­al pro­grams at once and advanced stor­age with improved net­work­ing capa­bil­i­ties that includ­ed built-in Eth­er­net and oth­er interfaces.

The biggest change in the A05B2301C370 RJ3 iB and the biggest step toward the future was the inno­va­tion of the iPen­dant, a first with the RJ3iB. This pen­dant had a mul­ti-win­dow func­tion and an inter­net brows­er inter­face that made the pen­dant more user friend­ly and cut down on train­ing time for the operator.

Over­all, the RJ3iB by Fanuc was not a com­plete over­haul of the sys­tem, but in the end, it was the next step in an impor­tant robot­ic teach pen­dant series.

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