The Fanuc RJ3iB Teach Pendant

The Fanuc RJ3iB teach pendant was designed with ergonomics in mind. The RJ3IB is lightweight with an easy to read back-lit display to help more easily run processes. The RJ3iB can also multitask several programs at once for advanced networking capabilities.

The Fanuc RJ3iB Teach Pendant


The Fanuc RJ3iB was the second teach pendant in the popular RJ3 series for Fanuc. While there were many functions that stayed the same, there were many that changed.

Like the teach pendant that came before it, the Fanuc RJ3-iB, part number A05B-2301-C370, controlled up to 16 axes of motion from one pendant. It was also designed with ergonomics in mind. The RJ3IB, much like its predecessor, had a lightweight design with a larger, easy to read backlit display. While the RJ3 could only move up to three auxiliary motion groups, the RJ3iB could move up to five, a step toward more axes to control.

The RJ3-iB also had multi-tasking capabilities so that it could execute several programs at once and advanced storage with improved networking capabilities that included built-in Ethernet and other interfaces.

The biggest change in the A05B2301C370 RJ3 iB and the biggest step toward the future was the innovation of the iPendant, a first with the RJ3iB. This pendant had a multi-window function and an internet browser interface that made the pendant more user friendly and cut down on training time for the operator.

Overall, the RJ3iB by Fanuc was not a complete overhaul of the system, but in the end, it was the next step in an important robotic teach pendant series.

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