The Fanuc RJ3iC Teach Pendant

The FANU RJ3iC teach pendant has an iPendant touch screen and can help with collision detection. It is very ergonomically designed, while also enabling the benefit of multitasking.

The Fanuc RJ3iC Teach Pendant


When a popular series comes to an end, there is always a need to go out on a high note. That high note for the Fanuc RJ3 series is the Fanuc RJ3iC teach pendant.

The RJ3iC, part number A05B-2490-C175, teach pendant still retains many of the features that were found on the earlier models, including the collision detection, the ergonomically-designed pendant and the multi-tasking operating system. This pendant also retains the luxury of an iPendant touch screen option, while bumping up the quality with a color display.

However, it is the innovations of this teach pendant that keep it competitive in the marketplace. The Fanuc RJ3-iC pendant improves upon the iB model by controlling up to 40 axes of motion, something unheard of earlier in the series. This pendant can control up to four robots by itself, along with 16 auxiliary axes of motion in eight motion groups.

Also, while the RJ3 iC A05B2490C175still retains the advanced storage, communication and networking capabilities of old, it also includes not single, but dual built-in Ethernet, as well as a USB interface – a first with this system as well.

The system benefits for the A05B 2490 C175 teach pendant also include Constant Path, an enhancement from AccuPath. Constant Path motion provides increased path performance for the system despite program interruptions.

Though the RJ3iC was the end of an era for Fanuc, it surely closed the page on a good story that will be around for years.

For more information about the Fanuc RJ3iC teach pendant, contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881.