The Fast Cutting Speeds Achieved with ABB Plasma Cutting Robots

Nov 2, 2017

Plasma cutting robots offer manufacturers a low cost alternative to laser or oxy-fuel cutting. ABB's plasma cutting robots not only offer lower costs, but also increase the speeds on the production line. An ABB plasma cutter can cut steel up to 50 mm thick and can pay for itself in as little as six months.


If you are look­ing for a low­er-cost alter­na­tive to laser or oxy-fuel cut­ting, you may want to con­sid­er plas­ma cut­ting robots. ABB Robot­ics makes a vari­ety of plas­ma cut­ting robots, and there are many used mod­els on the mar­ket as well, to cut costs even fur­ther. How­ev­er, the cost is not the only advan­tage of buy­ing a plas­ma cut­ting robot from ABB. The speed of the robot­ic sys­tem far out­per­forms any man­u­al sys­tem already in place.

Hands down, plas­ma arc cut­ting robots are some of the fastest auto­mat­ed cut­ting sys­tems on the mar­ket today, espe­cial­ly when deal­ing with thick­er met­als. An ABB plas­ma cut­ter can cut steel, up to 50mm thick, faster than an oxy-fuel cut­ter. It can also cut at greater speeds than a laser cut­ter in 3mm steel, accord­ing to INOX Ser­vice. With these increas­es in speed, an ABB robot­ic plas­ma cut­ter can pay for itself in as lit­tle as six months.

This increase in pro­duc­tiv­i­ty does not come at the sac­ri­fice of accu­ra­cy or qual­i­ty when it comes to the parts being cut. Parts are cut at a high­er rate of accu­ra­cy than could ever be achieved by a man­u­al cut­ting sys­tem. By using these robots, man­u­fac­tur­ers can decrease cut­ting errors and the amount of waste pro­duced dur­ing pro­duc­tion. This means that the man­u­fac­tur­er will not only save on labor costs, but mate­r­i­al as well, which only increas­es the return on investment.

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