The Future of Shipping – Warehousing Robots

Jul 7, 2015

In order for a product to get to the customer, there are a lot of steps that have to occur. Industrial robots are at the very beginning of that process and help to ensure that the product starts off right. Industrial robots are now being used in warehouses across the globe and help to increase the efficiency and productivity on a wide range of production lines.


Right now, there are a lot of dif­fer­ent steps that have to hap­pen before any prod­uct in your home ever gets into your hands. The prod­uct has to be man­u­fac­tured, it has to be pack­aged, it has to be pal­letized, it has to be shipped to its des­ti­na­tion, and then it has to be depal­letized and stored until it is time to move the item to the next loca­tion, whether that be a store shelf or your home. All of that ship­ping and stor­ing is why ware­hous­ing robots are becom­ing more promi­nent ideas for the future of manufacturing.

Ware­hous­es are huge build­ings that some­times house hun­dreds, or even thou­sands, of dif­fer­ent prod­ucts. Once a prod­uct has been built and pack­aged, it some­times has to be housed in a ware­house, either at the manufacturer’s facil­i­ty or at the seller’s facil­i­ty, until a cus­tomer decides to buy it or a store shelf needs to be restocked. As our glob­al mar­ket­place con­tin­ues to grow, ware­hous­ing robots are going to become more and more important.

Com­pa­nies like Ama­zon are using mobile robots in ware­hous­es to bring shelves to human work­ers, which cuts down the time it takes for pack­ages to get to cus­tomers. How­ev­er, that is just one step in uti­liz­ing robots in the ware­house indus­try. By tak­ing the nec­es­sary steps to fur­ther uti­lize robot­ics to work with­out human inter­ven­tion to load and unload ship­ping trucks, depal­letize, and shelve items that need to be stored, com­pa­nies would cut down on cost and time when mov­ing mer­chan­dise. There are even sci­en­tists devel­op­ing self-dri­ving robot­ic trucks that would make the ship­ping and ware­hous­ing busi­ness even more efficient.

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