The Gentle Robotic Solution for Ceramic Tile Manufacturers

Material handling robots can provide the perfect and specific solution to your application's needs, as seen with tile manufacturing. A tile manufacturing company can have a specific EOAT built that gently picks up the specific tile and transfers it carefully and properly. A material handling robot can increase the speed at which it picks up items up to double the time it would take a human worker.

The Gentle Robotic Solution for Ceramic Tile Manufacturers


Ceramic tiles are heavy, expensive, and very fragile. These are the very reasons that companies have shunned the idea of robotic manufacturing automation for so long.

For years, human workers had arranged these tiles into the proper packaging as gently as possible to ready them for shipping around the world. How could robots possibly handle these tiles as carefully as humans?

The answer was the feather touch and easy lifting ability of the material handling robot. Material handling robots can pick up items like ceramic tiles with grippers that exert the same amount of programmed pressure every time in its “fingertips.”

This is an advantage over human workers who can drop tiles or break them during loading. These manufacturing robotic systems can also move tiles faster, with more accuracy. While a human may be able to move 60 tiles in one minute, a manufacturing robot can pick and place up to 150 tiles in a minute, more than doubling the work speed, which cuts production and labor costs.

Creaton, a clay tile manufacturer in Germany, decided to automate with KUKA manufacturing robotics to improve its production line. With the KUKA robots in place, the line is now producing up to 60 tons of clay roofing tiles per minute, leaps and bounds beyond where they were before automation.

That is just one of many success stories that comes from switching to robotic manufacturing automation.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for KUKA Robotics, as well as robotic leaders Fanuc and Motoman, works to build systems to help customers in the way that Creaton was helped with their automation system. Our team of highly-skilled salespeople will work to get you a system perfect for you facility.

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