The importance of measuring external loads for robots

Robots have been designed with specific torque and force sensors to help measure pressure and force of the external loads they are carrying. This increases the robots accuracy and efficiency, while also reducing the product damage. This also helps to increase the versatility of the system, helping it to adapt to many different shapes, sizes, and tolerances.

The importance of measuring external loads for robots


One of the newest safety standards recently introduced by the IEC is the ability for robots and humans to interact in closer proximity. This makes the ability for robots to accurately measure their external loads more important than ever before. By being able to accurately measure the external loads being carried, robots are able to more precisely sense the force needed for those loads.

Robots, including those robots that are made for working hand in hand with human workers, have been outfit with torque and force sensors that help robots to measure the pressure and force necessary for moving the external load they are carrying. This not only helps to make the robots movements more predictable, but it also means that robots are more accurately and efficiently working for manufacturers, which improves the productivity for line overall. The accurate measurement of robotic external loads also improves the versatility of the system, allowing it to adapt to many different load shapes, sizes and tolerances.

Along with torque and force sensors to improve movement and force predictability when moving external loads for robots, these systems also have touch sensors for external loads and movements, which allows them operate more safely in their space. Touch sensors allow a robot carrying a load externally to stop if something comes into its motion path. This raises the safety level in a shop because a robot that is moving at 100 percent operation can move with enough force to kill a human worker that moves into its workspace. Touch sensors, along with proper safety training for workers, can help minimize this type of injury.

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