The importance of robot accuracy

When you are integrating an automation system onto your production line, you can expect improved and consistent accuracy from your robot. For instance, for welding applications industrial robots can be expected to hit the same spot on every cycle ensuring that all pieces are welded just the same. This accuracy brings greater consistency, efficiency, and a stronger part in the end.

The importance of robot accuracy


When a manufacturer is shopping for a great robot for their production line, accuracy is one of the features they look at first. Accuracy is extremely important in the majority of robotic application, especially when it comes to welding and material removal.

Robotic accuracy during the welding application is important for several reasons. A robot may have to weld a small part or a large part, depending on the production run, but they have to hit the same spot on every cycle to ensure that they are welding on the right part of the work pieces. Also, a robot that has a high level of accuracy is also able to produce a stronger weld on every work piece, every time, as opposed to a human welder, whose position may differ slightly during each cycle.

The accuracy of each robot on a production line is also important for material removal applications. Human workers may drill a hole in the wrong place, or take too much off a work piece during deburring, which may render the work piece useless. A robot, which has a higher level of accuracy than a human worker, is able to remove the exact amount of material necessary, which once again, improves the overall quality of the product.

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