The Inner workings of the Motoman UP50

The Motoman UP50 robot is the perfect material handling and material removal robot for your production line. It is made up of many parts that can perform a variety of applications.

The Inner workings of the Motoman UP50


The Motoman UP50 robot, a material handling and material removal robot, has many parts that work as a team to perform its applications. These parts include the timing belts, the speed reducers, the AC servomotors and the internal cables.

Every Motoman UP-50 robot has timing belts on the R and B axes, part numbers 250S5M525 and 250S5M475, which synchronize the movements of the robot. This is important to the fluidity and the functionality of the UP50.

There are also speed reducers on each axis of the UP 50: The S-axis, HW9381671-A; the L-axis, HW9381465-B; the U-axis, HW9381670-A; the R-axis, HW9381640-A; the B-axis, HW9381636-A; and the T-axis, HW9381635-A. These reducers slow down the energy coming into the robot, and put a lower speed on the output.

The movement of the robot’s axes depends on the Motoman UP 50’s servomotors, part numbers HW9381772-A, HW9381261-A, HW9380938-A and HW9381363-A. The robot is dependent on these motors for their precision and speed, which increases the manufacturer’s productivity.

Finally, the UP50 from Motoman has internal cabling, part number HW9171781-A, which directs power and information to the robot. The internal cabling, as opposed to external cabling, allows for less maintenance, which saves money for the manufacturer over time.

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