The Motoman EH80-A Fast and Flexible Material Handling Solution

If your production line is searching for better duty cycles, high speeds, and flexibility, then the Motoman Expert Handling EH80 robot is the solution. It has an IP67 rated wrist, UP54 rated body, and can tackle up to 80 kg in payload. The Motoman EH80 also provides a large work enveople, streamlined body, and internal cabling to help reduce any potential interference or maintenance.

The Motoman EH80-A Fast and Flexible Material Handling Solution

Motoman EH80A Robot

Motmoman's "Expert Handling" EH80 robot is truly an expert in its class; the ±0.07 mm repeatability and high speeds just cannot be beat. It is a fast and flexible solution to meet your automation needs for any dispensing, handling, and/or material removal applications. In addition, the Motoman EH80 has an IP67 rated wrist and a IP54 rated body, or optional IP65 if needed.

The EH80 easily conquers high duty cycles and high frequency motion; it is difficult to find a more capable robot for the job. The EH80 can tackle up to an 80kg payload, maintains a large working envelope, a streamlined body, and an internal cabling design to reduce any interference. This well thought out and strategic design means the life of the cables will be extended and the set-up time, reduced. The intentional compact and streamlined design allows it to be close to machines when parts need loading or unloading.

The sturdy and robust design of the EH-series robots ultimately equates to a longer operating life than standard-duty robots. A sturdy doesn't mean it can't be help simplify programming, the Motoman EH80 has multiple robot control for up to four robots.

Depending on your production line and automation needs, there are multiple mounting options available: floor, mount, or ceiling, all of which require minimal installation space. Also, if your production line calls for die casting, there is a special option of this robot available, the EH80XP. If additional flexibility is needed, the EH80 can be used in a dual-robot configuration with other NX100 robots.

The Motoman EH80 is paired with the advanced NX100 controller that has fast processing and unmatched multiple robot control capability with up to four robots. This ultimately helps to decrease integration costs and also potentially reduce robot collisions.

Safety is a huge value with the NX100 as there are four security levels of password protection, controller changes are logged and restricted access to the production programs. It also offers unmatched connectivity through standard Ethernet and other network options.

Superior performance deserves recognition, and at RobotWorx, we are ready to give it. Call us today at 750-240-4312, or contact us online, so we can discuss how you are going to improve your automation line with the EH80, today.

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