The Motoman MS165 Spot Welding Robot

Sep 2, 2014

The Motoman MS-165 robot brings huge benefits to any spot welding production floor including a higher quality weld. The MS 165 by motoman will decrease maintenance costs as all of the cables and wirings are together in an integrated power and utility cable harness. Furthermore, this spot welding robot is thin which allows it to reach more confined spaces.

Motoman MS165 Robot

Motoman Robot­ics has been at the fore­front of the robot­ics indus­try for more than 30 years. Their weld­ing automa­tion offer­ings con­tin­ue to improve with each pass­ing year, and the Motoman MS165 spot weld­ing robot is no exception.

The Motoman MS-165 weld­ing robot is one of the new­er spot weld­ing robots for 2014. This robot presents the man­u­fac­tur­er with many advan­tages. The MS 165 decreas­es main­te­nance costs by increas­ing the life of the cables and wiring through an inte­grat­ed pow­er and util­i­ty cable har­ness. The cables and wires for the Motoman MS165 spot welder are not as like­ly to fray and break quick­ly, because they are inte­grat­ed, instead of being exposed to the ele­ments. This not only cuts main­te­nance costs, but also min­i­mizes the pos­si­bil­i­ty of shut­down or slow­down dur­ing pro­duc­tion due to a mechan­i­cal cable or wire malfunction.

Anoth­er advan­tage of this spe­cif­ic robot­ic spot welder is the thin, stream­line design. Even with the large spot weld­ing gun, it is still able to reach into tighter and more con­fined spaces to per­form high qual­i­ty weld­ing for the man­u­fac­tur­er. A high­er qual­i­ty weld stands up over time, length­en­ing the life of the prod­uct and improv­ing the rep­u­ta­tion of the manufacturer.

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