The Motoman XRC Teach Pendant

Sep 19, 2023

The Motoman XRC teach pendant offers the next step for robot technology. It can control up to 27 axes and is designed for the UP series of robots.

One thing that sets a teach pen­dant apart from its com­peti­tors is its ease of use. In 1998, the Motoman XRC teach pen­dant was the best in that area, even win­ning an award for its user-friend­ly design.

The XRC teach pen­dant was the next step for Motoman after the MRC four years ear­li­er. The XRC Motoman teach pen­dant was able to con­trol up to 27 axes, where ear­li­er mod­els were lim­it­ed to 21. Designed for the UP series of robots from Motoman, this teach pen­dant could syn­chro­nize not two, but four robots at one time, which added even more speed to weld­ing, paint­ing and pal­letiz­ing automation.

The XRC pen­dant, mod­el num­bers JZNC-XPP20B, JZNC-XPP04B, JZNC-XPP02B, and the JZNC-XPP02, was the first one with a Win­dows inter­face, which is what gives it the ease of use. New fea­tures for this teach pen­dant includ­ed form cut­ting, shock sen­sors and the abil­i­ty to accel­er­ate or decel­er­ate the robot as necessary.

This JZNC XPP02 teach pen­dant from Motoman also con­tained sev­er­al types of PC-like soft­ware for file trans­fers and offline pro­gram­ming, and there were even sim­u­la­tions avail­able for the robot­ic system.

These XRC JZNCXPP02B Motoman teach pen­dants are still being used by many fac­to­ries today and remain in good work­ing order, just like the robots they con­trol. This was just one more step in Motoman’s push toward excel­lence in the 1990s – an impor­tant step that ush­ered in even fur­ther suc­cess in the new millennium.

To learn more about the Motoman XRC JZNCXPP-04B, or any of Motoman’s oth­er teach pen­dants, con­tact Robots​.com today online or at 8777626881.

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