The Motoman XRC Teach Pendant

The Motoman XRC teach pendant offers the next step for robot technology. It can control up to 27 axes and is designed for the UP series of robots.

The Motoman XRC Teach Pendant

One thing that sets a teach pendant apart from its competitors is its ease of use. In 1998, the Motoman XRC teach pendant was the best in that area, even winning an award for its user-friendly design.

The XRC teach pendant was the next step for Motoman after the MRC four years earlier. The XRC Motoman teach pendant was able to control up to 27 axes, where earlier models were limited to 21. Designed for the UP series of robots from Motoman, this teach pendant could synchronize not two, but four robots at one time, which added even more speed to welding, painting and palletizing automation.

The XRC pendant, model numbers JZNC-XPP20B, JZNC-XPP04B, JZNC-XPP02B, and the JZNC-XPP02, was the first one with a Windows interface, which is what gives it the ease of use. New features for this teach pendant included form cutting, shock sensors and the ability to accelerate or decelerate the robot as necessary.

This JZNC XPP02 teach pendant from Motoman also contained several types of PC-like software for file transfers and offline programming, and there were even simulations available for the robotic system.

These XRC JZNCXPP02B Motoman teach pendants are still being used by many factories today and remain in good working order, just like the robots they control. This was just one more step in Motoman’s push toward excellence in the 1990s – an important step that ushered in even further success in the new millennium.

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