The Perfect Medium-Sized Press Automation: ABB's IRB 6660FX

The IRB 6660FX robot is the latest robot-based press automation solution by ABB. It can handle up to 50 kg in payload and increase productivity by 25%. The 6660FX also has an output rate of up to 16 parts per minute. If you are considering integrating an automation system, contact RobotWorx experts today.

The Perfect Medium-Sized Press Automation: ABB's IRB 6660FX

ABB IRB 6660FX Robot

ABB's latest robot-based press automation solution is the IRB 6660FX robot. This is the fastest medium-sized (up to 50kg) transfer system on the market. It's large part companion is the ABB IRB 7600FX and they both can increase productivity by more than 25% when compared with conventional 6-axis robots. The 6660FX has an output rate of up to 16 parts per minute.

The 7-axis IRB 6660FX was created by integrating a dual action unit into the IRB 6660. It is suitable for both new and existing press lines, and has optimized performance with carbon fiber tooling and a specific design for tool height. This enables it to be placed into the die at lower press settings.

Inter-press distance can be decreased as parts are transferred without having to be rotated. This 7-axis robot can eliminate vibrations when parts are rotated 180°. Furthermore, to ensure the coordinated motion of these seven axes and ensure they are operating at optimum speed and lifetime, the IRB 6660FX is equipped with integrated dynamic model control.

ABB Robotics Product Manager for Press Automation, Ramon Casanelles, calls the IRB 6660FX a “Cost effective and reliable robot that has flexibility and orientation capability. It is also an easy way for our customers to upgrade their existing assets.” Ramon continues, "The IRB 6660FX raises the bar in press automation to provide customers with greater flexibility at greater speeds while saving precious precious shop floor space,” added Casanelles.

The programming interface is user-friendly, as it can be programmed the same was as its 6-axis counterpart, or programmed using ABB's StampWare. StampWare helps to increase productivity and decrease learning and setup time for new production. It is a family of controller software that creates a more efficient production line during installation production set-up, and optimization of the robot cycle.

If you are looking to upgrade your press automation solution, than contact RobotWorx today to get started on your ABB IRB 6660FX. Experts can be contacted online or at 740-251-4312.

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