The versatility of Motoman six-axis robots

Motoman six axis robots can increase the versatility and throughput on your production line. If you have a variety of needs that are in need of automating, a motoman six axis robot can do a quick tool changeover and complete tasks efficiently. This helps to reduce labor and production costs while also improving the overall product quality.

The versatility of Motoman six-axis robots


Do you need a robot that can weld, handle material and even remove material, depending on the product that is rolling down the line? Then you should invest in a six-axis robot from Motoman Robotics. These robots are versatile enough to perform several different applications with just one robot and the change of an end effector.

Six-axis robots from Motoman are designed to make automation as flexible as possible for the customer. A Motoman six axis robot system that is paired with an automatic tool changer can switch from an application like drilling to another task with just a quick changeover. This level of versatility allows manufacturers to get more than one application done at each work station. Not only does this cut down on labor and production costs, but it also improves lean manufacturing on the line – the ability to work faster with fewer steps. This is the level of efficiency that a Motoman 6 axis robot brings to any line.

The safety level that a six axis Motoman robot can bring to a line is enough to validate the cost of a new or used system. Motoman 6-axis robots can operate in several different environments that could be detrimental to human workers, environments that may be too hot or too cold to allow for high levels of productivity when processes are completed manually. Robots also keep human workers away from fumes and particles that can cause neurological and respiration problems. Since six-axis Motoman robotic systems do not have the same sensitivities as humans, they can work in these less than adequate conditions, while contributing a heightened production level.

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