The Versatility of the ABB IRB 2400 Robot

ABB IRB 2400 Robot

The ABB IRB 2400 robot answers the call for manufacturers who search for the perfect robot automation systems to invest in. The IRB 2400 is a  very popular and desired model as it is versatile robot that will last a long time and in many different capacities. This robot not only has a high rate of speed and accuracy, but it is versatile enough to make it a good investment for many different industries.

The versatility of the ABB IRB 2400 robot rests on the sheer number of applications it is able to perform. It can handle a wide variety of material handlingmachine tending, and processing applications, and it can perform these applications with a high level of accuracy – 0.06 repeatability – which is the best in its class for path accuracy and position repeatability.

On top of its versatility and accuracy, the ABB IRB 2400 has many other benefits as well. It is able to perform shorter cycle times that many other manual applications, as well as many other robots, due to its unique robot motion control. It is also a reliable robot with a robust construction, according to ABB. Plus, manufacturers are able to cut down on the amount spent on maintenance because the robot uses minimal parts, which extends the life of the robot and the time necessary between scheduled maintenance.

There are additional variants of the ABB IRB 2400 available to help meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications. There is the ABB IRB 2400/10 and the ABB IRB 2400/16 that are FoundryPlus Protection models, with the option to add FoundryPlus 2 as Protection to help sustain high pressure steam, meeting an environmental standard of IP 67.  Also available is the ABB IRB 2400L to help provide a longer reach.   

All in all, the ABB IRB 2400 robot is a versatile, robust, and accurate robot that will last you many years and allow you to increase your productivity significantly.

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