Triflex – cable carriers to cut down on wear and tear

Robot cables connect valuable parts of the robot system, such as the arm to the wrist and the end effector. This is why it is important to keep these cables protected. A cable carrier such as a Triflex will help to decrease the wear and tear on these important robot connections.

Triflex – cable carriers to cut down on wear and tear


There are many different cables that connect a robotic arm to different parts either on or near the arm itself. These cables connect the arm to the wrist and the end effector, they connect the arm to the controller and power supply, and they even connect different parts of the arm. That is why a cable carrier, like those from Triflex, are so important for your robot. Without cable protectors like Triflex, robot cables would be out in the open where wear and tear would break them down much more easily.

Triflex makes different models of cable carriers that are flexible plastic cylinders that are able to move with everyday robotic motions. According to igus, the manufacturer of Triflex, these carriers can move multi-dimensionally to protect cables from being pulled or torn by an outside force during operation. A Triflex carrier is connected by ball and socket joints, which makes pivotal movements easier and less bracing for the cables.

These Triflex cable carries are used in several different robotic applications, including machining, handling, packaging, and several other areas where robots have to go through many different movements and changes during one cycle. By using a cable carrier system, like Triflex, to protect cables and wires that are outside of the robotic arm, manufacturers are going to cut down significantly on the wear and tear of those cables, which also means cutting down on the slowing or full interruption of production when those cables have to be replaced. All in all, using preventative protectants like Triflex cable carriers are a win-win solution for any manufacturer.

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