Types of Robotic Packaging

There are a variety of robotic packaging systems to choose from to enhance your cycle time. The packaging robots ensure your processes will run more smoothly and efficiently.

Types of Robotic Packaging


The cycle time and product specifications will determine which type of robot is necessary for an automated packaging operation. Parallel and SCARA robots are ideal for high speed packaging and sorting, while articulated robots are better suited for packaging large products. Whatever the need, robots ensure packaging processes run more smoothly and efficiently.

Most of the types of robotic packaging are inherent in their names: food packaging, bottle packaging, case packaging, tray packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, and variety packaging. Robotic packaging accelerates production and improves hygienic conditions in packaging industries. Robots ensure repeatability, reliability, and speed in their processes.

Robot type refers to the way the robot picks and/or places the product from the incoming flow on the conveyor belt. The first type, collation, occurs when the incoming product is collated in groups prior to being placed in a lug chain of a horizontal wrapper, carton, or tray. Cross Belt indicates that the incoming product flow is perpendicular to the outgoing flow, and Inline/Parallel indicates the incoming flow is parallel to the outgoing flow.

A top-loader robot picks the product from the incoming flow and places it in a case, carton, or tray. A side-loader robot loads the case from the side. A feed-placer robot picks the product and then places it directly into a wrapper infeed, thermoformer infeed, bucket chain conveyor, or flighted/pitched conveyor. A wrap-around robot is able to load cartons or trays either horizontally or on edge.

Robotic packaging is less time-consuming and more cost-effective than their human counterparts. They also ensure humans are kept out of potentially dangerous packaging conditions. RobotWorx can help you pick the right packaging robot based on the type of packaging used. Contact us today at 877-762-6881 for a free quote.