Unique Solutions for Long Standing Problems

Introducing industrial robots onto your production line can help provide unique solutions to difficult problems. These robots excel at saving floor space, reaching in to hard to get places, and increasing the overall productivity on your line without needing any breaks or vacations. Contact RobotWorx experts today to get started with your robotic integration.

Unique Solutions for Long Standing Problems


Some manufacturing processes require unique solutions to solve problems that arise. The introduction of industrial robots in assembly processes has greatly enhanced the ability for many organizations to increase their production output. With the added functionality of these automated systems, tasks can be accomplished easier and in a more precise manner. Despite all of these advances, there are still some limitations, including industrial robots handling very small parts. To overcome this obstacle, robot manufacturers have created unique types of robots called spider robots. These special robots have allowed companies work with and manipulate parts such as small springs, beads, syringes, and other small parts.

It is quite likely that not every organization will need to use spider robots for their factories. For those companies that deal with small parts, spider robot integration decreases part cycle times and provide for a much higher quality product and assembly. Spider robots allow for extreme precision and accuracy. Fanuc's spider-series robots boast repeatability as impressive as 0.02 millimeters. Because of the possibilities created by spider robots, companies are no longer limited by small sized parts.

Spider robots also provide benefits for workers in the factory. Assembling, transferring, or otherwise handling very small parts can be difficult and frustrating. Implementation of spider robots to perform this work allows workers to gain skills in other areas of the manufacturing process. More worthwhile tasks and applications can be performed by workers while spider robots perform the monotonous tasks.

Unique problems provide opportunities to devise new technology. The need to decrease cycle times in small part assembly lead to the development of spider robots. As spider robots continue to be developed and improved, new manufacturing problems will arise that these robots will be able to solve.

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