Versatility is Key for Assembly Robots

Assembly robots are very successful at completing tasks quickly and with superior quality. They can be assigned to multitask, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity of the facility line. The way an assembly line robot completes tasks, truly cannot be matched by manual assembly jobs.

Versatility is Key for Assembly Robots


Cross-training, as it pertains to the workplace, is a very important in today’s job market. The same can be said for assembly robots.

Someone working in a bakery will not only bake bread. They will also be trained to make doughnuts, bake pastries, and decorate cakes and other confections. Someone who works in a retail establishment may learn not only how to help customers, but also how do inventory or stock merchandise.

Assembly robots are not much different. They also have the versatility to be used in more than just one way in the manufacturing industry.

When set up on a lower volume line, robots can even be outfitted with different tools to multitask, performing more than one application on a work piece if necessary.

Also, when introducing features like robot vision to the robotic assembly system, the system can handle items of different sizes and shape, instead of having to stop and reprogram or rebuild the entire line to allow for differing items.

When assembly robotics are programmed accordingly for multitasking, it can reduce cycle times on items and increase productivity of the facility line. This increase in speed and accuracy will produce a superior-quality item, one that’s quality cannot be matched by manual applications.

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