What are PLC Panel View and HMI Interfaces for Robots?

A PLC, or Programmable Logic Controller, is a small digital computer that controls the input and output positions to make sure the parts of the robot work together. An HMI, or human machine interface, is connected to the PLC. If you are interested in learning more about PLCs or HMIs, contact RobotWorx representatives today.

What are PLC Panel View and HMI Interfaces for Robots?


The standard system for automation:

A human machine interface (HMI) connects to a separate programmable logic controller (PLC). These systems have been in place for decades among the industrial automation community. They help the user to keep track of their robot system with a PLC panel view or HMI interface. These operator devices are designed to monitor and control the system. Operators can tell the system's status, adjust application parameters, input and output positions, or run master programs.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

PLCs are small digital computers that control input and output positions to make sure every component in the robot system such as peripherals, robot, turntable, etc., work together in harmony.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

An HMI is the controller operating panel that consists of a numeric keypad to input data and a control screen. HMI operator control stations are used for programming and data gathering. HMI interfaces allow companies to run master programs and control input / output positions.

Technology is rapidly advancing and more combined HMI/PLC units, with an all-in-one touchscreen and logic controller, are being used.

The combination of a PLC and HMI system is becoming more popular and readily available as hardware and software technology continues to rapidly advance. All of the components of the control system are rapidly evolving to the point of greater functionality where a combined device is a compelling alternative.

Benefits of a combined system:

HMI-PLC combined technology is becoming a more popular alternative as it is lower in cost, causing the reduction of equipment, while also easing system functionality. The intelligence of technology is skyrocketing at exponential rates which is enabling industrial networking mechanics to interface at a more advanced and remote level. In addition, the combined units take up less space, minimize wiring, utilize a single power source, and only require one network connection.

Benefits of a separate system:

Right now, separate systems do allow the selection of broader range of processors and enhanced memory capacities. This separate system is also available for safety applications. Additionally, the motion control and communications are more extensive than a combined unit. The I/O count and Analog I/O are also more abundant.

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Regardless of the system you choose for your automation integration, all of the components (whether combined or separate) are built to last and work exceptionally well together. RobotWorx will help you find the right PLC and/or HMI interface to support your robot system. Call the RobotWorx Sales Department experts for more details and information about which system is right for you; 740-251-4312 or reach experts online.

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