What do the Fanuc and model letters represent?

Nov 19, 2017

​The Fanuc robot letters at the end of their names help to explain the specific model and purpose of the robot. Fanuc stands for ‘Fuji Automatic Numerical Control' and they are one of the largest robotic companies in the world. Contact Robots.com representatives today to integrate a new or refurbished robotic system onto your production line.

Fanuc robotics

Fanuc is an acronym for Fuji Auto­mat­ic Numer­i­cal Control.’ It is one of the largest robot­ic com­pa­nies on the globe. In 2014, it sup­plied the North and South Amer­i­c­as alone with the instal­la­tion of over 240,000 robots. Fanuc also devel­ops con­trols and vision prod­ucts that aid in the devel­op­ment and inte­gra­tion of automation. 

Most Fanuc robots have a letter(s) at the end of their name to describe their spe­cif­ic mod­el and pur­pose, how­ev­er, not every one knows what these let­ters mean. Here is a guide to clar­i­fy the mean­ing of the Fanuc mod­el let­ters to allow you to select the per­fect robot for your automa­tion needs. 

C= clean­room, exam­ple: Fanuc LR Mate 200iC/​7C

CF= com­pact, exam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​170CF

E= off­set wrist, exam­ple: M‑710iC/​50E

F= food grade, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑430iA/​4F

FH= food grade, hol­low wrist, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑430iA/​4FH

FS= hol­low wrist, exam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​210FS

H= 5‑axis, exam­ple: R‑2000iB/​100H

HL= long arm, hol­low wrist, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑1iA/​1HL

L= long arm, exam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​125L

LC= long arm, clean-room, exam­ple: Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/​7LC

LT= long arm, top mount, exam­ple: Fanuc ARC Mate 120iB/​10LT

M= high iner­tia, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑710iC/​45M

MS= high iner­tia, short arm, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑10iA/​10MS

MT= high iner­tia, top mount, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑20iA/​20MT

P= pedestal mount, exam­ple: M‑900iA/​150P

PH= pedestal mount, hol­low wrist, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑430iA/​2PH

R= rack mount, exam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iA/​165R

S = short arm, exam­ple: Fanuc ARC Mate 100iC/​12S

SC= short arm, clean­room, exam­ple: Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/​4SC

T= top mount, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑20iA/​20T

U= upside down mount, exam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​220U

US= upside-down mount, hol­low wrist, exam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​220US

WE= wash envi­ron­ment, exam­ple: R‑2000iB/​210WE

WP= wash proof , exam­ple: Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/​7WP

No let­ters= stan­dard mod­el, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑20iA

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