Why the Deadman Switch is Important

Mar 3, 2015

When operating a robotic system, it is imperative to know the location and function of the deadman switch. This is an on/off switch on the back of the teach pendant and will guard the person operating the robot during training or teach mode. Contact Robots.com representatives today to better understand how to use this or other safety features on your robotic system.


When you are pro­gram­ming a robot, work­ing with a robot, or train­ing some­one on a robot, you always oper­ate it in teach mode. Dur­ing this time, you are using the teach pen­dant to com­mu­ni­cate with the robot, and that is where the dead­man switch is located.

The dead­man switch is an ON/OFF switch on the back of the teach pen­dant. The pur­pose of the dead­man switch is to guard the per­son oper­at­ing the robot dur­ing the train­ing process, or any oth­er time the robot is in teach mode. The ser­vo pow­er to the robot only remains on while the teach pen­dant is being held and the dead­man switch is pressed in. If the dead­man switch releas­es any time while the robot is in teach mode, the pow­er to the robot is shut off automatically.

An impor­tant safe­ty fea­ture, the dead­man switch is imper­a­tive to pro­tect the train­er, stu­dent or pro­gram­mer dur­ing man­u­al manip­u­la­tion or block oper­a­tion of the robot sys­tem. Since the teach pen­dant is not used dur­ing pro­duc­tion, and all human work­ers are away from the robot’s zone of oper­a­tion dur­ing that time, the dead­man switch is not need­ed at that time.

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