ABB Robots with 7th Axis Peripheral

Oct 15, 2008

A 7th axis helps press tending robots to transfer parts faster and more efficiently. The 7th axis extends horizontally from the end of the ABB robot arm and can move a part without changing the part's orientation. Overall it provides a calmer ride, time saved, and space efficiency.

What if your press tend­ing robots could trans­fer parts faster, more effi­cient­ly, and use less space to do it? ABB Robot­ics has an inge­nious­ly sim­ple solu­tion — add a 7th axis.

ABB 7 Axis Robot Peripherals

The 7th axis piece extends hor­i­zon­tal­ly from the end of the ABB robot arm. It has the abil­i­ty to move a part with­out chang­ing the part’s ori­en­ta­tion. Con­struct­ed from alu­minum, this exter­nal axis is flat, weighs 35kg, and is 1640mm long.

7th Axis Advantages:

A Calmer Ride ‑This robot periph­er­al reduces the amount of vibra­tion and iner­tia on the part.

Time Saved — Because the part does­n’t have to be re-ori­ent­ed, press cycle times are diminished.

Space-Effi­cient — The exter­nal 7th axis makes for a more com­pact foot­print because the dis­tances are shortened.

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