ABB Robots with 7th Axis Peripheral

What if your press tending robots could transfer parts faster, more efficiently, and use less space to do it? ABB Robotics has an ingeniously simple solution - add a 7th axis.

ABB 7 Axis Robot Peripherals

The 7th axis piece extends horizontally from the end of the ABB robot arm. It has the ability to move a part without changing the part's orientation. Constructed from aluminum, this external axis is flat, weighs 35kg, and is 1640mm long.

7th Axis Advantages:

A Calmer Ride -This robot peripheral reduces the amount of vibration and inertia on the part.

Time Saved - Because the part doesn't have to be re-oriented, press cycle times are diminished.

Space-Efficient - The external 7th axis makes for a more compact footprint because the distances are shortened.

Curious about external axes and other robot peripherals? RobotWorx offers a wide selection of ABB and other robots. Contact RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312 for more information.

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