Add Versatility with the KUKA KR C2 Controller


The KUKA KR C2 robot controller takes flexibility to the next level. Suitable for use with any KUKA robot, large or small, the KUKA KR C2 is designed to adapt.

Versatility Outside:

KUKA's control cabinet has a functional and modular design. Its base takes up only 0.3 square meters. The cabinet is designed to fit snuggly next to other controllers for optimal space efficiency. KUKA KR C2 controllers weigh 185kg.

The KUKA KR C2 cabinet does not have to be placed in close proximity to the robot arm, because the only operator control located on the cabinet is a power switch. The KUKA KR C2 can control a maximum of 12 axes. It can also be utilized for non-robotic control tasks.

Versatility Inside:

The interior of the KUKA KR C2 cabinet is designed for easy expansion and maintenance. The PC is located in the door, so alterations can be made quickly.

Versatility at Hand:

The KUKA KR C2 Control Panel (KCP) is highly ergonomic and easy to use. The familiar Microsoft Windows interface simplifies programming. Prepackaged software programs offer quick programming options.

For more information about the KUKA KR C controller contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 877-762-6881.

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