ATI Robotic Tool Changer Adds Flexibility


A robotic tool changer from ATI Industrial Automation aided RobotWorx in building a faster, more flexible robot system.

The customer, a manufacturer of specialty fasteners, needed a robot system to pick and place round bar stock ranging in diameter from 1/4" to 2 1/2".

To accommodate the different part sizes, RobotWorx' reconditioned Fanuc M-710i RJ2 robot had to use two grippers - one smaller, one larger. ATI's sturdy QC-40 tool changer proved the perfect solution.

The QC-40 robotic tool changer made the process of switching EOAT quick and smooth. It is designed with two interlocking parts: a master side mounted directly to the M-710i robot, and a tool side mounted to the EOAT.

Equipped with the QC-40, RobotWorx' robot system achieved faster cycle speeds and throughput. There was no need to stop the system and manually change the gripper, so the system saved time and labor.

ATI's tool changer is pneumatically powered and constructed for payloads up to 50kg. Made to withstand wear and tear of the manufacturing setting, every component of its locking mechanism is fashioned from Rc58 stainless steel. Even the bushings surrounding the pneumatic pass are built to last. The ten meter cable directing air to the changer is high-flex.

Interested in learning more about a system using robotic tool changers? Contact RobotWorx experts online or at 877-762-6881.

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