Automation Presence Increases in Mexico


Automation manufacturing is rapidly being integrated into Mexico and suppliers here at RobotWorx couldn’t be more thrilled.  The representatives at RobotWorx have a lot of experience with the integration and supply of robotics in Mexico.  Our 25 years of global experience of robotic integration combined with our large industrial robot inventory and robot part supply enable us to make global robot integration fast and painless.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we believe it to be fitting to celebrate the automation victory in store for Mexico by sharing their great success thus far. 

In just ten years, from 2002-2012, Mexican automotive exports increased by 152% making them 7th in global auto production; in 2014, Mexico accounted for 3.7 percent share of the global vehicle production (1).  The continued increase in manufacturing in automotive, electronics, machinery, appliances, and aerospace offers significant investment opportunities for growth.  In 2015, more than 6, 320 robotic units (more than $243 million) were sold into Mexico and the numbers only continue to scale at significant levels (1).  According to the United States Department of Commerce, also in 2015, Mexico surpassed Canada as the largest purchaser of U.S. automation exports (2).  Mexico was the largest purchaser of U.S.-made electrical relays and industrial controls (around $472 million) and they also accounted for one-fifth of all U.S. electric motor and actuator exports ($926 million).  At $2.2 trillion, Mexico is the 11thlargest global economy and home to 20+ automotive assembly plants including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Chrysler, and Nissan.  

The manufacturing presence in Mexico is ranked 8th place among 40 countries in the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitive Index (1).  Their existing liberal trade policies and open economies are favorable for OEMs.  Several robotics industry players such as FANUCKUKA, and ABB now have a very strong presence in Mexico.  

To help the country learn more about the process of automation and integration, the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) has launched A3 Mexico.  It will serve as a networking hub and help foster relationships between entrepreneurs, investors, vendors, customers, students, educators, scientists, journalists, and industry analysts.  It is an umbrella group for Robotic Industries Association (RIA), Advancing Vision and Imaging (AIA), and the Motion Control and Motor Association (MCMA).  A3 will provide education initiatives, career development, robot installer certification, and guidance and support for robotics and advanced automations stakeholders.  Jeff Burnstein, President of A3, says “We see solid growth in the use of automation and robotics in Mexico, which currently does not have an association that can help with training, guidelines, and overall needed support.”  This will only continue to increase the pool of skilled Mexican labor to continue to be trained in electronics and the automotive industries.  According to A3, the manufacturing future in Mexico also looks promising for the food and beverage industry and the medical device market.

Our experts at RobotWorx have worked hard to build relationships with each manufacturer (FANUC, KUKA, ABB, and Motoman) and because of this we can offer the most accurate and knowledgeable services to our customers.  Furthermore, RobotWorx believes in customer service so all of our robots come with the RobotWorx Value Packages. No matter your location on the globe, we are ready to offer you a successful, quick, and purposeful integration on your production line that will help you improve your ROI.  We look forward to working with you; contact us online or at 740-251-4312. 




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