Boosting Machine Tending Capabilities with the Motoman MH280 II

Motoman MH280 II robot

Machine tending is one of the most common robotic applications used in the industrial world. Motoman Robotics continues to improve their robotic machine tending designs, including the newest model – the MH280II, a robot that can cut down on the inconsistencies that exist in manual machine tending processes.

According to Motoman, the MH280 II DX200 is able to perform several different machine tending operations, while delivering improved product quality and cost savings. This powerful tending robot has an increased payload over other models, this model is versatile enough to be used for material handling purposes as well. It can also be used for jigless applications, positioning parts for other robots.

But the versatility of the MH-280 II doesn’t stop there! The Motoman MH280II has a slim, streamlined design that allows versatility in your existing workspace. This design has a smaller footprint, with an upper arm that can fit into confined spaces, stretching the flexibility of this model even further. The MH 280 II has a 280kg payload capability with a 2,446mm horizontal reach and a large work envelope to give you even more freedom when programming its application movements.

If you are looking for a new machine tending robot, the MH280II from Motoman may be the right robot for you. It has all the versatility, speed, and accuracy you’ve been looking for, while also having the ability to lift a wide range of heavy parts – allowing you to stretch its versatility and save on extra robotic equipment.

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