Compact Motoman Robotic Welding Systems


When you reduce the amount of space a robotic welding system takes up, you reduce the amount of energy it uses. Square footage represents dollars because floor space has to be lit, heated, and cooled. In addition, the larger the components are in a cell the more energy they are likely to consume - a larger robot takes more power to manipulate than a lithe one).

With this in mind, Yaskawa Motoman Robotics has created three extremely compact robotic welding systems: the ArcWorld II-50, ArcWorld C-50, and Arcworld IV-6200SL.

These slim, streamlined workcells offer top-quality, cost-effective welding solutions while maintaining a condensed footprint. Some of the ways Motoman has achieved its goals include streamlining robot arms, eliminating wasted workcell space, and utilizing new, space-saving components. Let's take a closer look.

ArcWorld II-50 and Arcworld C-50
The footprints of these snug little robot cells have been reduced by 22%! Yaskawa Motoman's space-saving secret is the controller placement. By building the controller tightly into the system, the overall footprint shrunk considerably. The ArcWorldl II-50 and C-50 can be outfitted with either the MA1400 or the 7-axis VA1400 robot models. Both the Master Arc and Versatile Arc series feature no-fuss, internally routed cabling and advanced axis motors. They offer a slim, lightweight arm design that takes less energy to move. Plus, these slim arms are built strong - payload capacity remains undiminished.

ArcWorld IV-6200SL 
The newest space-saving option from Motoman is the ArcWorld IV-62000SL "SlimLine" workcell. This dual-robot is 33% slimmer more traditional arc welding systems.Motoman accomplished this by using specially designed positioners. The "slimline" trunnion positioners (the MRM2-250XSL and MRM2-750M3XSL) fit neatly into the cell with only one meter of room to spare. Maintenance is taken care of from the front of the positioner, allowing the workcell to be built even slimmer.

Compact Motoman Cell from RobotWorx
Looking for more compact options? RobotWorx offers a number of pre-engineered and custom workcell options featuring Motoman robots. These robotic welding systems can be tailored to fit specific part, application, and other criteria. In fact, these customized workcells often provide the most cost-effective option.

Interested in conserving space, cost, and time with a Motoman robotic welding system? Contact the experts at RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312. 

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