Dual Robot Systems vs. Singular Robot Systems


Looking for a sure-fire way to add flexibility and up production? Consider a robot system with two robots instead of one. Dual robot systems offer a number of advantages.

Increased Productivity:

First of all, configurations with two robots offer twice the speed and productivity of a single robot set-up. With two robots you can double your throughput and increase the number of parts you produce, while maintaining high quality standards.

Added Flexibility:

When it comes to application flexibility, dual robot systems offer more than singular robot systems. The possibilities are endless! Dual systems can be set up with robots performing the exact same application or dramatically different ones. Robots can work together - one loading and unloading parts while the other robot welds, or both robots welding from different positions on the same part, etc.

Broadened Work Envelope:

Dual robot systems are ideal for working on larger parts. The combined work envelopes allow for a wider reach and better accessibility.

Simplified Floorplan:

Another robot can make your floorplan more space-efficient. A dual welding system often has a smaller footprint than two separate, singular robot systems. Safety constructs are simplified as well, since only one location needs to be safeguarded.

Interested in a dual robot system? Contact RobotWorx' sales department for a quick quote - reach them online or at 740-251-4312.

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