Exciting Solutions Unveiled at the 2015 Pack Expo


Every time the PACK Expo comes around, manufacturers and integrators can be sure that the robotics industry is going to roll out their newest solutions to improve productivity across the board. The 2015 PACK Expo did not disappoint. Companies like FANUCKUKAABBUniversal Robots, and Motoman unveiled some of their most exciting robots and systems to date, once again injecting the market with fresh ideas and strategies for automation.

At the FANUC Robotics booth, attendees were able to see the first FANUC Collaborative robot, the CR-35iA. The CR35iA is the perfect solution for heavy packing and palletizing processes, while still being able to interact with humans and share the workspace with them. FANUC also exhibited high speed grouping systems, 3D bin picking solutions, and pick and place systems that use vision inspection.

When attendees ventured over to the Yaskawa Motoman Robotics booth, they got to see the Singular Control system, a Yaskawa Motoman system that is able to unite robots and servo motion under the same control. This system gives manufacturers the ability to utilize motion control and robot control seamlessly, without needing to employ a specialist in robot programming, according to Yaskawa Motoman. By combining a gantry and articulated robot into the same system, with the ability to control both with the same software, companies could save money on labor and programming costs.

At the ABB Robotics booth, it was back to collaboration, a big trend in newer robots, with the ABB YuMi robot system. The YuMi made its first North American public appearance at the PACK Expo this year, exhibiting its dual-armed collaborative abilities. This would allow it to work individually or collaboratively, while still working alongside a human counterpart. ABB also featured a Soft Robotics Adaptive Gripper that enables its FlexPicker to adapt to a variety of object sizes, shapes, and weights, without cutting down on production speed.

Last, but definitely not least, was the KUKA Robotics booth, where KUKA debuted its newest robot in the AGILUS series – the KR AGILUS HM. This new small robot model is engineered with corrosion-resistant surfaces to prevent build-up of sensitive materials, according to KUKA. Another addition to the collaboration robotic trend, KUKA gave a hands-on demonstration of their collaborative robot, the LBR iiwa, a robot with a high rate of repeatability and intelligence, which allows it to automate the most delicate tasks – tasks once thought impossible to automate. KUKA also gave attendees a look at a new robot for their arctic series, the KR 180 R3200 PA.

All in all, the PACK Expo was a great success, showing off some of the best robot innovations the industry has to offer.

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