Fanuc Food Grade Robots Meet Standards


Food production can be messy. That's why every inch of Fanuc's food robots are engineered with care. Find out how Fanuc meets the unique and unusually stringent requirements of the food industry.

Fanuc's food grade robots include the M-430iA/2F, M-420iA Food Robot, LR Mate 200iC/5F, and LR Mate 200iC/5WPFood Robots. Each one is fast, flexible, and precision-driven. But food grade robot design is concerned with much more than performance.

Primary Material Handling

Food robots are especially important for primary material handling jobs, involving direct contact with unpackaged food. When it comes to picking and packing food, stringent guidelines must be followed.

Food robots must be impervious to rust and moisture. They must also be constructed so as not to contribute any contaminants. Special paint and sealants are used to protect the body of the robot. The paint used on Fanuc food grade robots is USDA-certifiable.

Fanuc's food grade robots are safeguarded with electroless nickel plating, aluminum casted motor covers, stainless steel plate coverings, Teflon gaskets, and fluorine rubber oil seals. These features protect inner components and guard against rust. Food-grade grease is used inside the robot to further prevent any possible food contamination.

Cleanable Machines

In addition to being food safe, these robots must also be able to withstand tough chemical cleanings and spray downs. Chlorine and Quaternary Ammonia-based sanitizers are common cleaning methods in this industry.

Food robots have extremely high safety ratings. The M-420iA is rated IP65, while the remaining food robots carry a higher IP67 rating. When handling meat, for example, IP67 ratings are required.

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