FANUC Introduces the R-30iB Plus and R-30iB Mate Plus Controllers


The FANUC R-30iB PlusR-30iB Plus and the R-30iB Mate Plus were introduced to the world at the annual HQ open house in Japan this week. FANUC's aim with these controllers is to create a solution to help make the use of robots and automation in manufacturing simpler.  

FANUC has given the R-30iB Plus and the R-30iB Mate Plus a major user interface face-lift and has named it iHMI. This new interface has an icon-based screen to help provide a familiar and easy-to-use experience.  iHMI also has intuitive display guides for setup and programming and includes tutorials from the main home page. These are designed similarly to FANUC CNCs to help bring easier usability.  

The programming guide is advantageous as it empowers first-time robot users by enabling them to create and execute a program for a simple handling task.  FANUC’s new iHMI has also helped to improve robot efficiency by creating more ease of use with the system setup and maintenance. 

The R-30iB Plus and R-30iB Mate Plus controllers will be paired with the new iPendant. This iPendant has superior screen resolution and processing capability.  If you are a FANUC robot user already comfortable with the current interface, fear not, the iPendant can easily revert to the previous version.

Other benefits of these new R-30iB Plus and the R-30iB Mate Plus controllers are the simplified cable configurations and enhanced hardware and software processing performances.  When compared to past controllers, the signal output timing has also been improved. This helps to enable the diversification of possible applications to systems, even those which require a high level of positioning precision, such as laser applications. 

Furthermore, there is a new camera for the vision function that produces four times the speed for transmitting images from the camera. All of the iHMI improvements help the setup of the vision system to be handled much more efficiently.

FANUC is excited to get these to market as these new robot controllers will contribute to an easier use of robots and automation in the manufacturing industry.  If you are interested in learning more about these products or other items, you can contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312.

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