Fanuc Robot Part: The ServoTorch


The FANUC ServoTorch is a wire feeder optimized to feed aluminum and soft wire. It is a fully integrated, wrist mounted, four-roll “pull” wire feeder controlled by the ARC Mate series robots. It has been designed for exceptional flexibility – allowing for 360 degrees of free movement at the wrist.

The motion control of the robot combined with the wire feed motor makes for a close coupling of the welding process. Because wire response time is controlled there are no synchronization problems when controlling an external wire feeder.

The FANUC ServoTorch is compatible with all major brands of welding equipment.



4.5 kg

Wire Diameters

.035’’-.9mm, .045’’-1.2mm, .062’’-1.6mm

Wire Feed Speed

Max 35 m/min

Weld Current



Water or Air

Pulling Force

10 kgf

Drive Rolls

U or V groove

Torch Safety

Collision Guard

For more information, contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312.

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