Fanuc Robotic Part: AccuChop Technology

Apr 20, 2016

Fanuc AccuChop package helps to bring an efficient coating for gelcoat and chopped fiberglass applications. AccuChop is a closed loop process that can create higher quality and a more consistent product. A few of the many benefits of Fanuc AccuChop are that it can handle error recovery events, monitor material usage, and evaluate true part costs and yields.

What is AccuChop?

The Accu­Chop pack­age main­tains effec­tive and effi­cient coat­ing for gel­coat (resin and cat­a­lyst) and chopped fiber­glass (resin, cat­a­lyst, and glass) applications. 

What does Accu­Chop provide?

Accu­Chop’s closed loop process con­trol sys­tem cre­ates a high­er qual­i­ty and more con­sis­tent end prod­uct by tak­ing advan­tages of the fol­low­ing features:

  • Resin and glass deliv­ery rate con­trol and dis­play features
  • Dif­fer­ent detec­tion alarms to help mon­i­tor and recov­er events such as dam­aged deliv­ery lines or bro­ken glass supply
  • An effec­tive way to han­dle error recov­ery events
  • Mate­r­i­al usage and sys­tem monitoring 
  • Inde­pen­dent trig­ger­ing for resin and glass chop­per motor
  • Auto­mat­ic and con­tin­u­al cal­i­bra­tion through a fast response adap­tive con­trol scheme
  • Auto­mat­i­cal­ly deter­mines equip­ment char­ac­ter­is­tics dur­ing calibration
  • Eval­u­ates true part costs and yields
  • Quick feed­back on amount of mate­r­i­al being applied to the part
  • Accu­rate tar­get weight
  • Dis­play of pro­duc­tion infor­ma­tion and cycle times 


What oth­er advan­tages will Accu­Chop provide?

A com­plete reduc­tion in oper­at­ing expens­es as the resin usage can be decreased with the tight flow rate con­trol. The waste dis­pos­al costs will also be less as the end prod­uct will not have to be reworked near­ly as often with the Accu­Chop qual­i­ty provided. 

How does Accu­Chop work the Resin/​Gelcoat Control? 

The Accu­Chop resin con­trol loop pro­vides a pneu­mat­ic sig­nal from the I/P trans­duc­er to the pump air motor. A mass flow meter then mea­sures the resin flow and sends a sig­nal to the robot con­troller. Cal­cu­la­tions of the flow rate are com­plet­ed which then sends cor­rec­tive closed loop con­trol sig­nals to the I/​p trans­duc­er in order to make the cor­rec­tions to the air pres­sure pro­vid­ed by the resin pump. The soft­ware is able to achieve set point flow for the future very quick­ly as the closed loop con­trol remem­bers” the com­mand val­ues required.

How does Accu­Chop work the glass control? 

The Accu­Chop glass con­trol loop pro­vides a pneu­mat­ic sig­nal from the I/P trans­duc­er to the air chop­per motor. The RPM of the chop­per motor mea­sures the glass usage and sends a sig­nal to the con­troller. Cal­cu­la­tions for glass usage are cre­at­ed and cor­rec­tive closed loop con­trol sig­nals are sent to the I/P trans­duc­er. This helps to make cor­rec­tions to the air pres­sure pro­vid­ed to the chop­per motor. As seen with the resin/​gelcoat, the Accu­Chop con­trol fea­tures remem­ber” the nec­es­sary com­mand val­ues and enable the soft­ware to achieve set point flow in the short­est pos­si­ble time.

How does Accu­Chop Detect Glass Breakage?

Sen­sors are set up and used to mon­i­tor the glass as it is rout­ed through. When­ev­er glass break­age is sensed, an alarm goes off which stops the robot. This allows the user to re-feed the glass strands and con­tin­ue as normal

What is required for Accu­Chop to prop­er­ly run?

  • Ensure the robot con­troller sup­ports the system
  • High speed counter modules
  • Fanuc 32-bit input module
  • Transducer/​Regulators
  • Feed­back Device
  • Accu­Chop Soft­part inte­grat­ed into Paint­Tool Application

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Accu­Chop is an all-in-one mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem that responds to the slight­est alter­ation in flow, tim­ing, and vis­cos­i­ty with alarms and alerts. It can even adapt to accom­mo­date cer­tain dis­crep­an­cies. The Accu­Chop saves mon­ey and time with every process.

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