Fanuc Robotic Part: AccuChop Technology

What is AccuChop?

The AccuChop package maintains effective and efficient coating for gelcoat (resin and catalyst) and chopped fiberglass (resin, catalyst, and glass) applications. 

What does AccuChop  provide?

AccuChop's closed loop process control system creates a higher quality and more consistent end product by taking advantages of the following features:

  • Resin and glass delivery rate control and display features
  • Different detection alarms to help monitor and recover events such as damaged delivery lines or broken glass supply
  • An effective way to handle error recovery events
  • Material usage and system monitoring 
  • Independent triggering for resin and glass chopper motor
  • Automatic and continual calibration through a fast response adaptive control scheme
  • Automatically determines equipment characteristics during calibration
  • Evaluates true part costs and yields
  • Quick feedback on amount of material being applied to the part
  • Accurate target weight
  • Display of production information and cycle times 


What other advantages will AccuChop provide?

A complete reduction in operating expenses as the resin usage can be decreased with the tight flow rate control. The waste disposal costs will also be less as the end product will not have to be reworked nearly as often with the AccuChop quality provided. 

How does AccuChop work the Resin/Gelcoat Control? 

The AccuChop resin control loop provides a pneumatic signal from the I/P transducer to the pump air motor. A mass flow meter then measures the resin flow and sends a signal to the robot controller. Calculations of the flow rate are completed which then sends corrective closed loop control signals to the I/p transducer in order to make the corrections to the air pressure provided by the resin pump. The software is able to achieve set point flow for the future very quickly as the closed loop control “remembers” the command values required.

How does AccuChop work the glass control? 

The AccuChop glass control loop provides a pneumatic signal from the I/P transducer to the air chopper motor. The RPM of the chopper motor measures the glass usage and sends a signal to the controller. Calculations for glass usage are created and corrective closed loop control signals are sent to the I/P transducer. This helps to make corrections to the air pressure provided to the chopper motor. As seen with the resin/gelcoat, the AccuChop control features “remember” the necessary command values and enable the software to achieve set point flow in the shortest possible time.

How does AccuChop Detect Glass Breakage?

Sensors are set up and used to monitor the glass as it is routed through. Whenever glass breakage is sensed, an alarm goes off which stops the robot. This allows the user to re-feed the glass strands and continue as normal

What is required for AccuChop to properly run?

  • Ensure the robot controller supports the system
  • High speed counter modules
  • FANUC 32-bit input module
  • Transducer/Regulators
  • Feedback Device
  • AccuChop Softpart integrated into PaintTool Application

Get AccuChop Today! 

AccuChop is an all-in-one monitoring system that responds to the slightest alteration in flow, timing, and viscosity with alarms and alerts. It can even adapt to accommodate certain discrepancies. The AccuChop saves money and time with every process.

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